2012 AGM Minutes

Electronic Frontiers Australia, Inc. - 2012 Annual General Meeting
Date: 15th November 2012
Location: Internet Relay Chat, #EFAagm channel on the IRC Highway network.

1. Meeting Opening

Meeting declared open by Chair (David Cake) at 20:32 AEDT

2. Attendance

David Cake (Life Member)
Asher Wolf (non-Member, observer)
Daemon Singer (Life Member)
Michael Kent (Life Member)
Steven Roddis (Life Member)
Tim Emanuelle (Concession Member)
Kirin van der Veer (Life Member)
Roderick Serkowski (Life Member)
Colin Jacobs (Life Member)
Geoff Holland (Life Member)
Jon Lawrence (Concession Member)
Andrew Pam (Life Member)
Daniel Kinsman (Life Member)
`Marcus Wigan (Life Member)
Ashley Glenday (Standard Member)
Stephen Lark (Standard Member)
Peter Jeremy (Life Member)
John Smith (non-Member, observer)
Andrew McNicol (Life Member)
Alan Isherwood (Life Member)
James Goodger (Life Member)

3. Apologies (proxies held by Chair)

Kim Heitman (Life Member)
Corey Wallis (Standard Member)

4. Motions

1. That the non-members be allowed to remain in the meeting as observers
a. Moved: Geoff Holland
b. Seconded: Roderick Serkowski
c. 15 votes for, none against. Carried.

2. That the minutes of the previous AGM be accepted.
a. Moved: Steven Roddis
b. Seconded: Andrew Pam
c. 12 votes for, 6 abstentions, none against. Carried.

3. That the 2012 Financial Report be accepted.
a. Moved: Geoff Holland
b. Seconded: Peter Jeremy
c. 13 votes in favour, 2 abstentions, none against. Carried.

4. That the 2012 Annual Report be accepted.
a. Moved: Colin Jacobs
b. Seconded: Roderick Serkowski
c. 19 votes for, 0 abstentions, 0 against. Carried.

5. That no auditors be appointed for the 2012/2013 Financial Year.
a. Moved: Sean Rintel
b. Seconded: Colin Jacobs
c. 17 in favour, 1 abstention, none against. Carried.

6. Declaration of election of new board.
a. New board members, elected unopposed:
i. Tim Emanuelle
ii. Daemon Singer

b. Existing board members, elected unopposed:
i. Geoff Holland
ii. Sean Rintel
iii. Andrew Pam

c. Continuing board members:
i. David Cake
ii. Steven Roddis
iii. Marcus Wigan
iv. Karen Higgins
v. Mike Kent

7. Vote of thanks for Kim.
a. Carried by acclamation.

5. Meeting Closing

Meeting declared closed by Chair (David Cake) at 21:57 AEDT.