[Letterhead: Office of Film and Literature Classification]

Our ref: 989224

Ms I Graham
Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc.
PO Box 382
North Adelaide
South Australia 5006

Dear Ms Graham,

Application to Classify a Federal Court Judgement

I refer to your application dated 23 April 1998 under section 13 of the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995 ("the Act") for the classification of the Full Federal Court Judgement in Brown and Others v Classification Review Board.

I write to inform you that the Classification Board is concerned that:

undertaking the requested classification exercise in relation to the Federal Court's judgement is probably outside the powers conferred on the Classification Board by the Act; and

undertaking that exercise would give rise to a significant risk of contempt of court.

You may wish to seek a Court ruling that undertaking the classification exercise is within the power of the Classification Board and would not be a contempt of court. This, of course, is a matter for you. However, in the absence of such a ruling, the Board declines to act on the classification application.

You may wish to apply for a refund of the fee paid by Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc when it applied for classification. If so please advise me.

Yours sincerely,

Andree Wright
A/g Director

17 July 1998

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