Other Censorship Resources

Additional resources related to Censorship, Freedom of Speech and Internet Regulation, mainly concerned with the situation in Australia.

Irene Graham's The Net Censorship Dilemma site
Arguably the most extensive coverage of Internet censorship issues in Australia.

Fighting Internet Censorship in Australia, Danny Yee

Computer Games Censorship Collection, Anthony Larme's site about censorship and classification of computer games in Australia.

EFA's Education Committee page which addresses issues of online civil liberties and intellectual freedoms in universities, schools, and libraries.

Roger Clarke's Regulating the Net Page

Robin Whittle's Internet Content Regulation page

How to Regulate the Internet - EFA's complete, concrete comprehensible guide for Australian legislators, July 1996.

EFA Internet Parental Control FAQ - A Guide for Parents, 1996.

When a Pressure Group Calls
Suggested responses to pressure groups which attempt to harass or otherwise apply pressure to censor or remove materials from the Internet.

Peter Merel's Electronic Rights and Ethics, 1996
An ethical standard with which to measure the policies of states and corporations in regard to the Internet and related multicast communications networks.