Last Update: 9th July 1996

Document Repository

Primary Campaign Materials

EFA Analysis of NSW Legislation

How to Regulate the Internet

EFA Internet Parental Control FAQ A Guide for Parents.

Pro-forma letter to A-G's

Philip Argy's analysis of NSW legislation

The leaked draft NSW legislation

Peter Merel's Electronic Rights and Ethics

Media Releases

Media Release regarding the ABA report July 7

Media Release regarding the U.S. CDA ruling June 13

Media Release announcing the campaign June 9

Jeff Shaw's press release May 27

Second EFA Freedom March Press Release May 26


Letter from Jeff Shaw in response to City Hub article June 17

EFA letter to ISPs June 11

Anthony Woodward (ZIP Australia P/L) letter to Jeff Shaw

EFA's open letter to Jeff Shaw May 28

Greg Taylor's letter to Jeff Shaw May 27


Campaign Alert #3 July 8

Campaign Alert #2 June 24

Campaign Alert #1 June 9

Media Articles

McKenzie Wark article The Australian April 4

Angus Kidman's Report APC Magazine April 3

Dan Tebbutt's commentary on the Victorian and W.A. legislation Dec 1995

See also the complete list of recent press articles on the Australian Net regulation saga.


The W.A. Bill Dec 1995

The Victorian Bill 1995

NSW Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Enforcement Act 1995

Commonwealth Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995

Regulatory Enquiries and Submissions

ABA report July 1996

Keynote presentation by Peter Webb ABA Chair April 1996
Examining the regulatory and legislative future of Australia's on-line economy and society.

Peter Webb's Singapore speech June 96

ABA On-Line Services Investigation Dec 95

EFA Response to the ABA Enquiry Feb 96

Senate Select Committee Report on On-Line Services Nov 1995

DCA Consultation Paper July 1995

EFA Submission to DCA Enquiry August 1995

Links to Other Resources

Irene Graham's Liberty or Tyranny Page

Roger Clarke's Regulating the Net Page

Robin Whittle's Internet Content Regulation page

Aldis Ozols' How to Lobby Politicians