This a a transcript of a press release put out by New South Wales State Attorney-General Jeff Shaw QC MLC.


The NSW State Government today revealed its plan to crackdown on the proliferation of offensive material -- such as pornography and sexually explicit material. Shaw said the NSW legislation was tougher than that proposed by Western Australia, as it contained an anomoly allowing the legal transmission of a computer game that contains material that includes violence and sexual activity.

"The measures approved by NSW to protect children and others from intentionally or accidentally accessing abhorrent and objectionable material go further than this."

"I submitted the legislation drafted by the NSW Parliamentary Counsel to the Standing Committee of Attornyes-General last week in Darwin. I believe this to be the best and most effective model. However, negotiations are continuing in order to acheive the aim of a national standard.

"NSW recognises that national uniformity is desirable in the regulation of the Internet. However, the failure of some states to agree to these proposals will not stop NSW enacting comprehensive protective legislation with tough penalties."

"The planned legislation will target those putting the offensive material on the system. These offences will catch any person who introduces offensive material to the system -- both users and service providers.

The provisions will cover all transmissions which use a public telecommunications system. They will apply to all on-line services, such as the Internet, bulletin boards and e-mail.

Types of material covered will include:

(See attachment for specific details of nature of material included in these classifications.)

"The planned legislation will also promote the development of industry codes of practice in consultation with on-line service users and providers, creating guidelines that service providers will need to meet."

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