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March Against Censorship

Please note: The march is scheduled for May 27th at 12:00 Noon

How to contact the Attorney General for each state
Here is a list of the Attorney General from each state in Australia. If you were not able to be in the march, send them a letter.

Some responses to the march

Pictures from the march
Here are some pictures of the big event.

27/6/96 The big day!
The day of the march in Hyde park. Everything went quite well with many media representatives being at the protest. The total donations were $442.

24/5/96 A second press release has been issued.
The NSW proposed legislation has been leaked to the EFA. Here is an article about what is happening.

24/5/96 The Science Technology And Research (STAR) party support the march
The Science Technology And Research (STAR) party supports the cause, and in particular the march. They have set up a web link to this site.

21/5/96 An article about the march with comments from Danny Yee.
This article also appeared in the 'Australian' today.

21/5/96 The front page article about the march this month.
This is the front page article by Peter Merel. It is slightly diffreent to Peter's original article due to editing by the newspaper.

20/5/96 Official press release to the media about the march.
This is the official release to the media to let Australians know what is happening and the march for next week. BTW, Look out for a page article in the 'Australian' tommorrow.

17/5/96 Some new contacts are involved in the march.
For local information about the march (car-pooling, banner construction, etc.)

16/5/96 Approval for the march is granted.
Official approval is granted for the march to be held in Hyde Park on Monday 27th May at 12:00 Noon.

14/5/96 The offical leaflet for the march is released
The leaflet contains information about the problems involved in trying to introduce the new legislation and how to join the march.

10/5/96 The march location has been changed to Hyde Park.
Due to football clubs using the Domain and Parliament grounds not being available, the other location is Hyde Park.

30/4/96 A proposed leaflet for the march is presented.
A leaflet based on Internet myths is to allow people marching to hand out information to help explain to other people what the march and EFA are about.

24/4/96 Mailing list for the organisation of the march is setup.
A mailing list will be used for the organisation of the march in Sydney. This was easier for people involved than a committee.

15/4/96 EFA backs the march
Electronic Frontiers Australia releases an online media notice giving support for the proposed march in Sydney

Initial proposal for a march
A march in Sydney against the proposed NSW legislation is posted to the newsgroups. The date is set for May 27.

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