EFA Appoints Three New Board Members

The board is pleased to welcome Eliza Sorenson, Steve King, and Michelle Meares to the board.

Eliza Sorensen works in infrastructure and security, and they are an advocate for digital rights and a co-founder of Assembly Four. Eliza believes in education rather than abstinence and the power that an engaged community can bring. They run digital security and privacy workshops for minority communities and speaking about the impact internet policy can have.

Steve King is a self-proclaimed ‘hacker’ of things who spends his time looking at the systems and processes businesses, government, and people use to keep their information safe, and what they can do to improve it. His real-world experience with modern IT systems helps him to advise how digital rights can be protected today, and in the future.

Michelle Meares ran a web development business for over ten years and is now a lawyer with privacy experience including working on the Australian Law Reform Commission Inquiry into Serious Invasions of Privacy in Digital Age and she currently sits on the Law Society of New South Wales Privacy and Data Law Committee.

The new board members will hold office until the next Annual General Meeting.

The board would also like to thank outgoing board member Dr Liam Pomfret for his vital contribution to the board over the past year and a half. His active involvement was instrumental in helping to revitalise the organisation. While his other commitments unfortunately mean he has decided to leave the board at this time, he will remain an active member of the organisation, and EFA hopes that he will once again seek election to the board at some point in the future.