If you have been sitting on the fence lamenting the future of Australian digital rights policy and you want to act, we want you! Get involved in our policy team, flagging your interest is easy.

Email us at [email protected] by Sunday 17th of March. We need a bit of info about you which is covered below so we can structure the team. 

In addition to the expression of interest, we will be holding an “information session” about the Policy Committee via Zoom at 6:00pm AEST on 28th March 2019. We encourage anyone interested in the Policy Committee to attend the session via the following link: https://zoom.us/j/936569356

We need a mix of expertise, experience, background and availability. Knowing who wants to get involved and how they can help is critical to helping us get work done.  

So please, reach out, it's important. 

The formal spiel:

Can you spare some time and knowledge to help us shape the future of digital rights in Australia? Are you passionate about protecting civil liberties and free speech?

EFA is currently seeking members’ expressions of interest in joining the policy team. Or if you know someone that would be excellent, or could use the career building opportunity tap them on the shoulder and tell them about EFA and to join. 

EFA’s policy team develops EFA policy, informs recommendations to government, and helps with external communications.

At February’s meeting, the EFA Board resolved to reconstitute EFA’s Policy Committee for 2019. 2019 is going to be a big year for EFA: As an organisation we reach our 25 year milestone, and as a country we will go to the polls.

As an active contributor to the Policy Team you will help:

  1. Document the policy positions of EFA so that the policy team, the board, and other interested parties can understand the current and historic policy positions of EFA.
  2. Contribute to content, research, and editing of submissions on legislative changes and policy positions, ensuring that EFA meets submission deadlines.
  3. Share your policy, digital rights, and professional expertise with others to create informed discussion with the policy team, board, volunteers, and others.
  4. Contribute to creating timely blog, social media, and website content relevant to digital rights.
  5. Potentially provide public comment or contribute to meetings, round tables, or consultations on behalf of EFA.

Committee positions are voluntary and unpaid (Sorry! But it is absolutely a good cause with great people and lots to learn).

EFA’s board believes in the strength of having diverse views and participation, and strongly encourages applications from anyone with an interest in digital rights regardless of background. We are committed to provide a supportive environment for anyone with an interest in this area. Let us know what experience you have,  if you don't have much but are interested and committed we absolutely want to hear from you.

Has this piqued your interest? Email us at [email protected] by Sunday 17th of March with your brief (up to 200 words) expression of interest covering the following areas::

  1. What you believe you can bring to the team
  2. An estimate of how much time you can commit to policy team work
  3. What you would like to get out of being involved.
  4. The digital rights policy areas that mean the most to you, or that you have expertise and experience in.
  5. If you have experience in the following areas, a short description or indication of months/years of that experience:
    1. Writing policy
    2. Working collaboratively on content
    3. Writing material for government/stakeholders
    4. Writing content and blog posts
    5. Social media communications
    6. Writing legal material

If you have questions, please email [email protected] - we are happy to have a chat with you and answer your questions. 

More details of the Policy Team’s mandate can be found at https://www.efa.org.au/main/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/Board-mandate-to-Policy-Team.pdf

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