Electronic Frontiers Australia is celebrating a renewed enthusiasm from members one year after a board refresh.

“EFA members were instrumental in highlighting the flaws of MyHealthRecord, and challenging the overreach of legislation such as the Access and Assistance Bill,” said EFA chair Lyndsey Jackson. “EFA has worked closely with other like-minded organisations over the past year—including Future Wise, Digital Rights Watch, and the Australian Privacy Foundation—to highlight the constant assault on Australians’ digital rights by state and federal governments, and our members have responded enthusiastically.”

Renewed interest from members has resulted in a strong set of candidates looking to join the EFA board to continue the work started by the outgoing board.

“It’s particularly gratifying to see so many women nominating for the board,” said Jackson. “A diverse board reflects our diverse membership, and highlights that digital rights are everyone’s rights.”

EFA has seen a renewed interest in civil and digital rights from the wider community, and that interest is now translating into participation in EFA. “It’s been a challenging year, sorting out the issues inherited from previous administrations,” said Jackson. With those issues now largely behind her, Jackson was up-beat about the prospects for EFA in the coming years.

“We’ve now rebuilt EFA on solid foundations that the incoming board can build upon,” said Jackson. “Free from these distractions, EFA can now focus more of its energy on the fight to preserve our precious digital rights and civil liberties.”

“It’s amazing what we’ve been able to achieve this year, even with these distractions. It bodes well for the years ahead,” she said.

Members will be sent a link to vote one week before the AGM which will be held on 24 November 2018. For more information about the AGM and to see the candidate list visit our 2018 AGM information page.

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