It's been a big year for EFA and a big year for digital rights. On behalf of the board we thank you for your support this year. We are really looking forward to sharing our progress in 2018 and to start planning for the year ahead.

Nominations to serve as Board members of the EFA are open and are due on Saturday, 27 October, 2018

The Annual General Meeting is to be held on Saturday, 24 November 2018. Details of the format will be forthcoming.

The Constitution dictates that at least five (5) positions are up for election each year. There is a vacancy, and the positions currently filled by Justin Warren (co-opted to vacancy), Richard Burleigh , Alex Schlotzer (not re-contesting), and Stuart Greig (not re-contesting) are open for election.

All currently serving board member are all eligible to nominate again, should they choose to do so.

All Members are now invited to consider standing for the Board, self-nomination is permitted.

Nominees are requested to provide the following, for inclusion in the Notice of Meeting:

  1. a brief bio, indicative length the same as the current Directors' bios (250-400 words)
  2. a brief statement of your intentions as a Member of the board of the EFA (indicative length 100-200 words)

Please submit all nominations to [email protected]

Please do not nominate someone without their knowledge or consent.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please address them to:
[email protected]
Lachlan Simpson
Secretary, Electronic Frontiers Australia

Current Board Members are listed at:
Minutes from Board meetings are at:
The Rules of Incorporation are at:
EFA Board Code of Conduct

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