The Australian Government doesn’t own the Internet, but increasingly it seems to want to. Many of our members own and work in Internet businesses, and they’ve been telling us, loudly and clearly, that they follow the laws of Australia, they don’t place themselves above the law, and they are not a safe haven for bad actors.

And they’re worried that the Assistance and Access Bill will damage their businesses.

These are Australian businesses that don’t sell, scan or phish their customer’s data. Yet the Access and Assistance Bill opens the door for government to ask them to spy on their customers and to compromise their security.

Your security.

People don’t like Google or Facebook trawling their data, and they don’t like the ability for the Australian Government to do the same. Customers here and overseas will simply stop trusting Australian businesses if they believe that the government  is hiding inside their products and services, spying on all and sundry.

Unfortunately, Australia is already seen as having a Government that it is not open to scrutiny or external oversight, and that it will push forward with technology choices that are flawed, unjust and hurt people. My Health Record, Centrelink’s Robo-debt, the Senate inquiry into digital delivery, and CensusFail are all evidence of a Government that just doesn’t understand computers. Now, thanks to this Bill, these failings are going to further damage the economy - unless you help us by speaking up.

While you are writing your submission to email to the Department by Monday 10 September to [email protected] also consider sending it to other Ministers as well.

The Access and Assistance Bill may start in the Department of Home Affairs, but it spreads to other portfolios, too. Technology, privacy, the economy and the Internet is not confined to a single Department.

If you think this legislation will also affect Australian enterprises and their ability to trade internationally then these Ministers will care about your views too, so email or cc in:

Minister for Foreign Affairs

Senator the Hon Marise Payne - [email protected]

Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment

Senator the Hon Simon Birmingham - [email protected]

If you think this legislation will affect Australia's position as a nation of industry, innovation and science tell the:

Minister for Industry, Science and Technology

Hon Karen Andrews MP (website with new portfolio not updated) [email protected]

If you have views with a regional perspective then tell:

Minister for Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development

Hon Michael McCormack MP - [email protected]

And if you think that compromising the success of Australian businesses in a competitive Internet and digital market will affect jobs and businesses now and in the future, then the Minister for Jobs and Industrial Relations and the Minister for Small and Family Business, Skills and Vocational Education will both care about your views

Minister for Jobs and Industrial Relations

Hon Kelly O’Dwyer MP - [email protected]

Minister for Small and Family Business, Skills and Vocational Education

Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash - [email protected]

For advice on how to make a submission, go to

If you would like to share your submission with us we’d love to read it please email [email protected] after you have sent your own submission to [email protected]


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  1. so lookin around efa and reading more dumb fed govt " wtf type dumbness" i thought id go here> which is for me a must use for anyone who gives a toss about online security "you know" shutting the bathroom door behind you type stuff, and typed in this>>[email protected] and...well sometimes shit happens sure Allistair is right on it.(i have no affiliation with the website nor promoting or selling anything.)

    Comment by havewebeenpwned on 19 September 2018 at 07:05
  2. take a look at this bullshyte right here{NZ customs can now demand phone or laptop passwords

    Changes to customs legislation now means passengers must hand over the password to their electronic devices if asked, or be slapped with a NZ$5,000 fine.} its a dogs breakfast

    Comment by wehavebeenpwned on 3 October 2018 at 04:19

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