Today Electronic Frontiers joins 76 organizations, companies, and individuals, in sending a letter to leaders in the Australian government asking them “not to pursue legislation that  would undermine tools, policies, and technologies critical to protecting individual rights, safeguarding the economy, and providing security both in Australia and around the world.”

The letter has been sent to Senator the Honorable Scott Ryan, President of the Senate, Christian Porter MP, Attorney-General for Australia, Angus Taylor MP Minister for Law Enforcement and Cyber Security, Tony Smith MP Speaker of the House of Representatives, and Mark Dreyfus QC, MP, Shadow Attorney-General for Australia.

The letter has been initiated by global digital rights organisation Access Now. “Australia is facing a choice on cybersecurity and encryption: real security or false,” said Nathan White, Senior Legislative Manager at Access Now. “The country can either be the testing ground for policies that undermine privacy and security in the digital era, or it can be a champion for human rights, leveraging its relationships to raise cybersecurity standards for the next generation. The world is watching.”

In addition to the letter delivered by experts today, thousands of concerned individuals in Australia and around the world have joined the call for members of Parliament to reject any proposal that undermines the security of tools and devices we all depend on. You can join them in taking action by signing the petition at

Download and read the Australia Encryption Coalition letter today, and tell your local MP's and the MP's recieving the letter your views on their proposed legislation.


  1. Lyndsey Jackson, thanks so much for the post.Really thank you! Great.

    Comment by namikicafe on 20 July 2018 at 02:12
  2. lol the Australian government protect human rights? Hah!

    Comment by Ragnarok on 3 August 2018 at 21:32
  3. lol the Australian government protecting human rights? Hah!

    Comment by Ragnarok on 3 August 2018 at 21:34
  4. If only the Liberals protected our rights like they try to protect their own jobs, then we would have a good government.

    Comment by Fungus on 11 September 2018 at 12:21

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