Electronic Frontiers Australia welcomes the recent acknowledgement by Angus Taylor during Privacy Awareness Week that strong encryption is vital for safeguarding the privacy and security of all Australians.

"Let me be clear about this, we support strong encryption for the security of information and the protection of privacy. We firmly believe that cybersecurity will be enhanced by encryption—it is a good thing," Taylor said, according to ZDNet.

While some other members of the Turnbull government have—at times—appeared to oppose the right of Australians to protect their private information with strong encryption, EFA is encouraged by Taylor’s pragmatic stance.

Strong encryption is a vital part of the modern world, and citizens depend on it to protect their finances, their private communications, and their interactions with governments at all levels. Undermining strong encryption would place citizens at risk of having their private information compromised by cyber-criminals, foreign spies, and other malicious actors.

EFA appreciates Mr Taylor taking a strong stance in supporting all Australians in keeping themselves safe by protecting the privacy and security of their information with strong encryption.


  1. i dont get this efa,its kinda bloody well obvious we all 'ahem' the 5% of us anyway welcome strong encryption...like Duh' Taylors comments were disingenuous period the pm and his cyber whisperers are really just Dumb and have no idea what they are doing just really stupid stuff Alastair MacGibbon is not the cyber punk he thinks he is, every time i hear another cookie cutter politician waxing about 'law of Australia' will prevail over the 'laws of mathematics' lulz, geez i need a friggin job and im a keen as self taught cyber warrior / pen tester/ cant someone show mal and angus and Alastair a tangible cock up when the keys get handed out which is bs anyway it dont work like that ,all your doing is getting Apple really pissed off and rightly so too' so that GrayKey BOX just got pwned by Apple and mobile forensics firm Cellebrite are not happy' me'h so what pricks deserved it....

    Comment by amibeingpwned on 13 June 2018 at 05:58
  2. ps; in 2017, a company by the name of ‘Grayshift’ created a device called ‘GrayKey’ that successfully unlocked iPhones without knowing the passcode. THIS IS WHY the PM and ANGUS KEEPS TELLING YOU AND ME AND ALL THOSE LUDDITES; QUOTE;'ITS NOT A BACK DOOR'encryption is important for all plebs err i mean citizens of Astray yuh we'll just try the front door instead' it sounds better anyway mr prime minister' good job Angus can i have my own personal GRAYBOX on my desk mr prime minister?

    Comment by amibeingpwned on 13 June 2018 at 06:24
  3. pss; so you see my fellow Astrayuns law enforcement in our country are apparantly 'hindered by all those pesky apps that encrypt my message on its way to dear old aunty mavis who btw has one of those pesky secretive/bond type/james/ encrypted type appy things on her dumb fone so the cops need to act more and more like the crims ok this is why mal and angus and brandis need to pass legislation so the cops can have a free reign over youre digital living room JUST IN CASE?thing is its a sledgehammer approach and innocent people are/will be just collateral damage, but its ok its to keep us all safe just remember that kids cos you are in danger ok most of these new laws about'cyber' crime/terrorism/ have been "ASKED SPECIFICALLY" by LEA and by god we'll get our law chaps....cos aunty mavis is looking like,err like??? well aunty [email protected]!!$ing mavis again!!...lock n load'

    Comment by amibeingpwned on 13 June 2018 at 06:47
  4. did you know about this my fellow austayuns?...,http://news.digitalhealth.gov.au/m/1/37777925/02-b18155-6081c8bfb59540bf806ed2819e46134d/4/347/a897094c-5abf-4610-87c8-3b656071fbf2....very stealthy indeed eh Angus!..... notice those dates?

    Comment by amibeingpwned on 20 June 2018 at 12:15

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