We see today that the Australian government is still pushing for an encryption backdoor, and isn’t engaging with the Australian public about what they intend to do. The bill is apparently in “advanced stages” without any transparency on its impact to your privacy and security.

There are signs Labor may oppose the legislation, so all is not yet lost.

“Labor, which has typically supported the government in matters of national security, remains sceptical additional legislation of this nature is practical.”

Meanwhile the Department of Home Affairs is still building its Panopticon-like Facial Identification Service and ignoring the concerns of the Australian public. It sees concerns about letting privacy companies access the system as “overblown”.

“Home Affairs said that there should not be a warrant required in order to access the Face ID system.”

Your digital rights are being attacked by powerful and well-funded adversaries. We only stand a chance if we stand together to oppose them.

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  1. Help me turn the Bull back around TONY TURNBULL SQUILLION DOLLOR SECRET RIP OFF ,LEAVING A BLOODY DEADLY TRAIL ,WE CAN ALL NOW FOLLOW TO THE PMs Office follow the coal gate ,the water gate ,the privatisation gate ,the drug gate ,so many gates we need to close some climate change New world order gate Waters not a human right bill gate ,Fluride and dull down vaccination gate OH WAIT turn 50 the Government kindly courtesy the big pharma companies ,will send you a poke your poo stick kit ,seen the add on TV haha sick isnt it anyway ANYBODY OUT THERE CAN YOU HEAR ME

    Comment by D.Mackenzie on 8 June 2018 at 17:53
  2. well! get pwned more then mal and ya really bright encryption whisperer Alastair, cos apple have my back; https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/zm8ya4/apple-iphone-usb-restricted-mode-cellebrite-grayshift cos this is real and not funny ok! pm and co!

    Comment by havewebeenpwned on 13 June 2018 at 03:57