FOI uncovers a three month window to opt out of the My Health Record Scheme – then what?

More concerns than answers have been raised over the Governments My Health Record Scheme after EFA board member Justin Warren made a request for access to the “Operational Blueprint” through the Right to Know FOI platform. In it’s response to the request, the Government made the information public.

Unfortunately for your priavcy, detail is light on and the information raises more questions than it answers. 

Justin Warren said “EFA are concerned that we are less than four months from the start of the compulsory My Health Record scheme and we still don’t have any information on how to opt out of the system. A system that was originally supposed to be opt-in and was changed to opt-out in complete disregard for the advice the government received from multiple parties.”

“According to this information, the opt-out period will end a mere three months after starting. What then? How do people opt-out of the system after this period?”

“Agencies are quick to trot out the ‘We take your privacy seriously’ line at every opportunity. We say talk is cheap. Prove it.”

EFA members also expressed frustration that the Department of Human Services has no information about an opt-out trial completed in 2016. And members have questions, a whole bunch of them, and they are questions that really need answering if Government are really taking the health information of an entire country seriously…

Member questions include (and are certainly not limited to):

Is the opt-out procedure going to be given any prominence other than on a buried government website? Any consumer advisories about this option? Will health practitioners be provided equal information about opting out as well as the faux benefits (lies) about the “service” (sic)? What is the budget for ‘fair and balanced’ information to the public about this option?

Is opting out like death — forever? Or if someone wants to participate in the future, will that also be an option? What is the truth about a person’s relationship to this faux “service” (sic)?

How can a system only be opt-out for 3 months when there are people joining the health system every day? This window is a stupid view of the public. We don’t have a static population. You know. Migrants. New citizens. Real people who will arrive here after that ridiculous “window”.

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Text: Historical opt-out trial information An opt-out model of participation for the My Health Record system trialled in North Queensland and Nepean Blue Mountain regions. The trial was completed in 2016. We do not have information about the outcomes of the trial.
From the Department of Human Services website

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