A new project by the Australian Human Rights Commission puts the relationship between human rights and technology into focus.

Electronic Frontiers Australia welcomes this directive. EFA’s charter is the protecting and building awareness of civil liberties and ongoing campaigning of digital rights as a human right.

The opportunity that technology represents must be countered by the very real risks of the liberties and ways of life that could be given up. Technology moves fast, much faster than governments, regulators, and the community at large. This initiative is a positive sign that community standards and awareness is evolving and agencies and government must respond.

From the article:

“The aim of the project is to come up with ways that human rights can be prioritised in the design and regulation of new technologies.

The AHRC intends to hold a conference in the middle of the year that will bring together "leading thinkers, technology and human rights experts" to discuss the impact new technologies are having on human rights.

It will also publish an issues paper to kick off a consultation period in the middle of the year.”

Read the full article: Australian project to embed human rights in new technology via IT News online

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