EFA’s Chair Lyndsey Jackson spoke with ABC Radio’s Rod Quin and callers early Saturday (10/2/18) morning about the data we share and what it can reveal about us.

Increasingly people are discovering the impact and value of the information we give out.  Callers shared caution and distrust in the way data mining was building profiles of our lives and behaviour.

For EFA the radio interview presented a great opportunity to talk to people from a broad background. Ms Jackson reflected, “people are aware that private data has a value to business, and it’s an area that they want to know more about. We may not all understand all of the detail in how data matching and technologies work, but people are confident in talking about experiences where they see it touch their own lives and the stories and patterns people share”.

Listen to the ABC Overnights radio interview: Does technology knows you better than your family or friends?

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