EFA today releases its 2016 Election Policy Scorecard, which rates nine parties on their policy positions relating to the primary digital rights issues.
EFA-2016scorecard - 3.0 - screengrab

Pirate Party Australia and the Australian Greens again score full marks, as they did in 2013. This year, they’re joined by the Science Party in achieving that score.

EFA’s 2016 Election Policy Scorecard is based on responses received to a detailed Policy Questionnaire, combined with analysis of voting history and published policies.

EFA Executive Officer Jon Lawrence said today, “I’m genuinely encouraged that a number of minor parties have approached us for the first time seeking to be included in our regular election scorecard. Digital rights issues are human rights issues that affect everyone.

“We again commend the Pirate Party and the Greens on their digital rights policy positions, and welcome the Science Party into the fold of parties with comprehensive support for digital rights issues. Glenn Lazarus also deserves a mention, and was only marked down slightly due to his support for site-blocking for copyright enforcement.”

EFA will be holding an open forum to discuss the policies of every party at Electron Workshop in North Melbourne from 6.30pm Tuesday 21st June. This forum will also be live-streamed from 7pm AEST.

Details at: efa.org.au/election2016.

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