Do Not Sign The TPP!

This week, the 12 Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) nations will meet in New Zealand to sign the final agreement. And once it’s signed, there are no changes, and no going back.

If TPP countries sign, we will enter the final phase before the agreement becomes law, and locks us into an extreme Internet censorship pact that will overwrite our national laws and restrict how we innovate and share culture online.

The stakes couldn’t be higher. If the TPP becomes law, it will censor the Web and criminalise our online activities. Enough is enough.

One key Minister has already expressed hesitation, and if we can sound a loud call at this crucial moment, we can still stop this.

With only days to go, this is our moment to speak out. Join us in calling on Trade Ministers not to sign the TPP before it’s too late.

If you weren’t suspicious of the TPP’s sketchy process already, media outlets are reporting that Japan’s chief TPP negotiator has been accused of taking a bribe of over $100,000 while he was negotiating this secretive agreement.

If these allegations are true, it not only calls the whole process into question, but also underlines the dangers of agreeing to something negotiated under such a cloak of extreme secrecy.

Reject secrecy, and tell your Trade Minister today: do not sign the TPP.

We know that this agreement was tailored to suit the needs of huge media conglomerates, who have enjoyed a cozy relationship with the U.S. Trade Representative since before negotiations began in earnest.

Put simply, we knew something was wrong when the MPAA and RIAA said they were excited to read the final copy of the TPP. Just look at the imbalance: all the rules that coddle Big Media are binding, and all of the protections for Internet users are merely suggestions.

Join with thousands of Internet users to send a strong message today: we do not want the TPP.

Here’s the bottom line: the TPP will lock Internet users into a digital stone age, making us forever beholden to rules set by media giants scared of the potential of new technologies. It will curtail our freedom of expression and censor the Web.

Our path is simple – if we don’t sign, we don’t ratify. That means this is our best chance to kill the TPP once and for all.

Let’s close the door on the TPP.




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