20 years ago, iiNet was still a very new small ISP in a suburban garage, and iiNet co-founder Michael Malone was one of those who recognised the need for an organisation to protect the online civil rights of Australians, similar to the role the Electronic Frontier Foundation played in the USA, and became one of the founders of Electronic Frontiers Australia. 20 years later, Michael has just announced his resignation as iiNet CEO. Over the years Michael has made many contributions to Electronic Frontiers Australia, including as a volunteer and board member, and in other ways. As a CEO he was never afraid of involving iiNet in public debate, and under his leadership iiNet stood up for principles such an Internet free from unnecessary filtering, not making ISPs enforcement agents for the copyright lobby, and increasing competition for the provision of consumer services. The Internet landscape in Australia would be very different without Michael Malone and iiNet, and Electronic Frontiers Australia owes him a debt for his role as founder and supporter, and EFA wishes him well in his future endeavours. 

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