11th February

Websites around the world will blacken or display a banner on Tuesday 11th (and Wednesday 12th) February as part of a global day of action against mass surveillance.

We in Australia are joining in this global effort to pressure our lawmakers to end mass surveillance -- of Australians and of the citizens of other countries.

Together, and in the name of Aaron Swartz, we are pushing back against powers that seek to observe, collect, and analyse our every digital action.

Image: Ragesoss

Aaron Swartz. Image: Ragesoss

Dragnet surveillance is not compatible with democratic governance and new rules must be set to protect privacy in the digital age.

As well as a comprehensive review of current mass surveillance activities, we are calling for:

1. An end to warrantless access to telecommunications data
2. A new agreement governing information-sharing between the 'Five Eyes' powers (US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) that provides meaningful protection to individuals' privacy

3. Extending the Freedom of Information Act and the reporting requirements of the Telecommunications Interception and Access Act to cover intelligence and security agencies

4. A requirement for service providers to inform customers of any arrangements that are in place to provide personal information to governments.

Join us on 11th (and 12th) February to show your opposition to mass surveillance by darkening your website and adding a banner.

Please also share this with your networks.

Banners and more information available at:

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