CNS_FB_profileAustralians are finally getting the surveillance inquiry that they deserve.

We are citizens, not suspects.

Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) congratulates the cooperative effort of Australian Greens and the Australian Labor Party in initiating a Senate inquiry into the reach, warranting, and oversight procedures in the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Act.

EFA has called for a surveillance inquiry several times since the since the revelations of Edward Snowden (1, 2, 3). Similarly, the Greens, especially Senator Scott Ludlam, have consistently refused to let the matter of surveillance overreach rest. Indeed, Senator Ludlam stressed the need for an inquiry on Monday December 9th at the first EFA Speak Out Event. EFA also appreciates that the Australian Labor Party has changed their position to demonstrating openness to reconsidering surveillance.

This inquiry is great win for our EFA. The Board's consistent pressure in the printed and online press, radio, and television, and EFA members' enhancing that pressure through sharing our calls through social media, demonstrate the value of citizens raising their voices.

EFA intends to follow the inquiry extremely closely and provide significant input. To do that, we will need your help.

If you can afford it, please consider joining EFA or donating to EFA. If you join EFA, you will be eligible to work with one of our soon-to-be-initiated Standing Committees and provide direct input into EFA responses, policy, research, and campaigns.

If you can't afford to join - and, of course, if you are already a member - please continue to spread the word about EFA: Retweet, share, Like, pin, etc. our announcements and appearances. Your voice is our most powerful asset.

EFA heads into its 20th Anniversary in 2014, and we intend to make it a landmark year for digital freedom, access, fair use, and privacy.

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