Simon Hackett | Source:

Simon Hackett | Source:

EFA is quoted in Business Spectator endorsing Simon Hackett's appointment to the NBN Co Board. We said that:

"Hackett's ideas allow for market-friendly solutions to keep costs down and genuine entrepreneurialism, but specifically do so without introducing the kind of potential for network inequalities that have been mooted about a free-for-all FTTN rollout," Dr Rintel told Technology Spectator.

"Importantly, Hackett has already considered the wholesale and consumer cost barriers involved with the NBN rollout, which are linked to the Coalition's and other’s objections with the network."

As the founder of the technologically exceptional Internode ISP, now owned by iiNet, Hackett has always been very forward-looking while understanding the contingencies and limitations of connecting with and alongside Telstras’ network infrastructure.

EFA hopes that Hackett will be a serious voice for a very broad FTTP rollout along the lines of his "Fibre on a Copper Budget" proposals.

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