EFA welcomes the passage through the Senate of the Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Amendment (R 18+ Computer Games) Bill 2012, which finally introduces an R18+ classification for computer games, bringing the classification system for computer games into line with the existing system for films and online content and with international standards.

EFA has been a long and vocal advocate of the introduction of an R18+ classification for computer games, and believe that this reform addresses an unreasonable and anachronistic inconsistency in Australia’s classification system.

Once the new classification is introduced on 1st January 2013, adult computer gamers in Australia should then have access to the full range of games that their international counterparts have long enjoyed. Australian parents should also have greater confidence that they are able to make informed choices about the appropriateness of games for their children.

In order for this reform to be implemented, the states and territories must also pass complementary legislation, per the terms of the agreement reached with the Federal Government in mid-2011. EFA calls upon state and territory attorneys-general to uphold that agreement and pass the legislation necessary to implement a meaningful R18+ classification and to ensure a truly harmonised approach to games classification across Australia.

The full legislation is available here.

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  1. This is terrible journalism from the EFA. Where are the X ratings, for example. I guess to the efa, "adult" means "juvenile". If even the efa has problems describing something accurately and properly how can you expect out of touch journalist hacks to do even halfway decent reporting? Australia at all levels is an epic fail.

    Comment by Ferdinand on 3 July 2012 at 15:22