Jun 2011
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I'd like to quickly update our members and supporters with a few bits of EFA news.

Things have been outwardly quiet recently; although we have been active behind the scenes and in the media, commenting on issues such as privacy, copyright, censorship and games, we have not been producing as much content and commentary as we'd like to.

Why is this? We've been working on some much-needed internal reorganisation, which includes: a completely overhauled web presence; a brand new system for managing our members and supporters (and letting you manage yourselves); and our own payment integration, so we can do away with the (deservedly) despised Paypal. When we relaunch, we want a new focus on providing useful and engaging information in the form of issue backgrounders and position papers, FAQs and legal explainers. The new site and associated tools will let us focus more on providing better content and on education and campaigning.

Once we're up and running we'll be doing a better job at managing our corps of volunteers. If you have skills in legal affairs, research, writing, campaigning, design or anything else that can assist our mission, and you're interested in volunteering, please drop us a line at [email protected]

In the meantime, keep a lookout for us in the media, and you might be interested some recent submissions we've made to inquiries on classification and cyber-safety.

Finally, on a personal note I'm a little sad to announce that I'm stepping down as Chair of EFA. It's been a very rewarding experience, and as a result I am even more passionate about the issues than I was when I first joined EFA. That's why I'm pursuing an opportunity to work inside our nation's Parliament and see just how policy is really made in this country.

Fortunately,  the organisation will be in excellent hands. I'm very pleased to welcome David Cake to the role. David has a long history with the organisation including seven years on the Board. David has recently been leading EFA's international affairs effort, and I know he is champing at the bit to lead our upcoming campaigns. Sarah Stokely will be stepping up as Vice-Chair. Both David and Sarah know the landscape very well and have many fresh ideas to drive the debate, and the organisation, forward. Over to you, David and Sarah.

EFA relies on your support and ideas, so if you have any feedback on campaigns you'd like to see, information you need or anything else, please contact us.


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  3. Just protect IP in the US or the "Digital Britain" law in the UK, people will circumvent it with proxies. Even if Australia takes the same path as Italy, and tries to block proxies, that will be ineffective. I know, becuase I have problems with one user on my web site who just does not get the message he is not welcome. I will block the proxy he uses, and he will then keep trying proxy after proxy, for as much as 3 hours, until he finds on that works. So even if the government bans proxies, a determined enough user will find a proxy not on the blocked list.

    Comment by Chilly8 on 21 July 2011 at 15:40