Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with everything that is going on.  Here is a summary of the news items we shared this week on Twitter.

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Open Internet

The morality of #censorship

@JuliaGillard won't budge on internet filter

Gillard: Filter is a “moral question”:

The Filter’s Not Dead, It’s Sleeping Fitfully

Austar tipped for #NBN deal

Aussies get daft on censorship again

Blacklist maintenance to cost $71billion by 2019.

The truth about refused classification

Online complaints up, take-downs low

#Wikileaks on Australian Government Blacklist?

How would the Internet Filter work, exactly?


@TurnbullMalcolm's #NBN confusion softens Libs' case

@JuliaGillard : Cost of #NBN needs to be “reverse engineered”

Telstra's warning over #NBN deal

@LiberalAus to use existing broadband infrastructure for its own version of#NBN

#NBN costs could balloon: report

Optus targets #NBN wireless fans and fibre critics

Samuel's #NBN cost-benefit noise

#NBN Co. to deliver business plan to Government by November

The #NBN debate: Pulling in different directions

Brisbane turns its back on #NBN, builds its own

A video of i3 laying optic fibre in sewers

Plan for high-speed broadband in Brisbane to beat #NBN by eight years

Connect to #NBN now or pay up to $300 for phone line

#NBN Co set to use semi-idle satellites to deliver remote broadband (


How #ACTA Turns Private, Non-Commercial File Sharing Into 'Commercial Scale' Criminal Infringement

Attorney-General's office considering#copyright law review

#ACTA Must be Rejected as a Whole

How #ACTA is being reported in the Public Service -> #Copyright agreement to right copy wrongs

On Internet Censorship:#ACTA and #COICA

BSA falsely claims #ACTA is a treaty that has already been signed by 37 countries

#ACMA blocks more sites

Analysis: Where to now for #ACTA

Brazil Says #ACTA Is Illegitimate

Surveillance / Web Wiretapping

With proposed “blacklists,” US Senate has its “foot in the door” on

#Privacy revisions present risk for offshore clouds

Snuggly the Security Bear Speaks on Internet Wiretapping

US Police State of Wiretapping the Web: Who Do THEY Want to Watch?

#ASIO gets new wiretap powers in caring-sharing plan

US Government uses social networking to infiltrate people's lives

US Feds snooping social media sites?

Encryption debate centers on #privacy


With Twitter blocked, Chinese micro-blogging thrives

Chinese reformers push on#censorship

Chinese former communist officials in reform call


Irish ISP wins major legal victory against record labels

US Library of Congress:#Copyright is killing sound archiving

Other news

Online ad chief waters down plan to reveal and disarm #tracking

#Righthaven files, settles more US#copyright lawsuits

Holding Nokia Responsible for Surveilling Dissidents in Iran (via @EFF

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