In mid March this year, Senator Stephen Conroy launched a bizarre attack in the senate on Electronic Frontiers Australia.  In an accusatory tirade, he declared myself, then-vice chair (now chair) Colin Jacobs and then-chair Nic Suzor of misleading the Australian public through our efforts against the government's mandatory Internet censorship proposal.

Members of the EFA board dedicate themselves to being leaders on the facts of technology policy in Australia and what the effects are on Australians.  It would not have been appropriate for the senator's outbursts to go unchecked - we were obligated to correct him.

Last night the text of our response was officially published online on the privileges committee website at and has been entered into Hansard - Australia's permanent record.


  1. "misleading the Australian public". Isn't that what they're doing by being scaremongers & saying that the proposed 'filter' won't do what that say it will?

    Comment by MrE on 30 June 2010 at 02:27
  2. It seems that Our new PM is backing Conroy's filter.

    Comment by Des on 9 July 2010 at 02:55