Earlier this week, I stepped down as the Chair of EFA, and will shortly be leaving the EFA Board. I'll be moving to the US for the 2010/11 academic year, and will be focusing on my academic work after completing my PhD dissertation.

I step down with some regret; I have very much enjoyed being a part of this important organisation. Over the last few years, I really think we've done some great work here; we're starting to see much wider attention on the Open Internet campaign against mandatory ISP filtering; we've been working hard on computer game classification, on ACTA, and on telecommunications interception, to name but a few topics. I've been very pleased to see EFA's profile continue to increase in the past few years, and honoured to have served with the other members of the Board and all members and other individuals who have pitched in to try to make a positive difference to Australian internet regulation and policy.

The new Chair is Colin Jacobs and the new Vice-Chair is Geordie Guy, both of whom should be very familiar names to those of you follow EFA's activities. I wish the best of luck to them both — and the rest of the Board — in the continued campaign against filtering and all of the other areas within EFA's remit.

   -- Nic Suzor

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  1. Thank you for your hard work Nic, and good luck with all your future academic work.

    The EFA is now more relevant than ever and it's good to see such bright individuals champion its causes. Congratulations, Colin and Geordie.

    Comment by Thomas on 22 April 2010 at 12:58