Electronic Frontiers Australia is currently running a fundraising drive so that we can continue to expand and campaign for your online civil liberties.  Although EFA has been leading the Open Internet campaign against the Government's proposal to censor the Internet, that is just one aspect of our activities and interests.  In addition to Internet censorship, EFA campaigns on a wide range of issues relating to Internet regulation, including copyright, defamation, R18+ for computer games, telecommunications, ISP liability, privacy, domain names, trade marks, and the digital economy.

To highlight the diverse range of topics EFA is engaged in, and to demonstrate the importance of online civil liberties in this country, we have posting a series of blog posts from a variety of digital thought leaders on an aspect of online civil liberties of their choosing. So far there have been some really excellent contributions:

As you read these posts, we hope you will appreciate the vital role EFA plays in this space and will be encouraged to contribute to our fundraising drive. If EFA is to continue to expand and launch further campaigns to protect your civil liberties online, we need money for media, organisation and lobbying.

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If you have already donated, or are unable to donate, please let your friends, family and colleagues know about this fundraising drive:

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1 comment

  1. I'd like to donate, but I'm not donating via paypal (I don't feel paypal deserves my money). Paypal is the worst payment processor out their (everything about paypal is incredibly dodgy, and it wouldn't surprise me if in a few months EFA starts fighting against the way they treat their customers). In fact, to withdraw my money once, Paypal forced me to upgrade my account because there was a bug in the account type I was using. If a bank did that kind of thing, there would be an outrage.

    In another case, I had a mate who was paid with a stolen credit card. After discovering it was stolen, Paypal revoked the money, and then heavily fined my friend.

    If you add an alternative payment processor, I'll donate, but I hate paypal.

    Comment by Andrew on 1 April 2010 at 03:07