Series of posts on the importance of online civil liberties

For the next two weeks Electronic Frontiers Australia is running a fundraising drive so that we can continue to expand and campaign for your online civil liberties.  Although EFA has been leading the Open Internet campaign against the Government’s proposal to censor the Internet, that is just one aspect of our activities and interests.  In addition to Internet censorship, EFA campaigns on a wide range of issues relating to Internet regulation, including copyright, defamation, R18+ for computer games, telecommunications, ISP liability, privacy, domain names, trade marks, and the digital economy.

To highlight the diverse range of topics EFA is engaged in, and to demonstrate the importance of online civil liberties in this country, we have invited ten digital thought leaders to write a blog post on an aspect of online civil liberties of their choosing. For the next two weeks, we will feature each day a different post from one of these online thought leaders.

As you read these posts, we hope you will appreciate the vital role EFA plays in this space and will be encouraged to contribute to our fundraising drive.

Appropriately enough the first post in this series is from EFA Chair Nic Suzor, who explains EFA’s ongoing struggle to defend civil liberties online and work for sensible regulatory technology and communications policy.