Over the past few months, EFA has been working hard campaigning for an Open Internet against Government censorship of the Internet.  While we are proud of what we have achieved in that campaign, the Government's decision to delay the introduction of the legislation means that it will be prolonged and ongoing campaign.  Moreover, that is only one example of EFA's activities and interests.  In addition to Internet censorship, EFA campaigns on a wide range of issues relating to Internet regulation, including copyright, defamation, R18+ for computer games, telecommunications, ISP liability, privacy, domain names, trade marks, and the digital economy.

Most of this campaign work is carried out by elected Board Members, who act in a voluntary capacity and are not remunerated for their time spent on EFA projects.  This will not change.  However, if EFA is to continue to expand and launch further campaigns, we need money for media, organisation and lobbying.

That is why, starting today, we are launching a fundraising drive so that we have the necessary funds to effectively protect online civil liberties in this country.

Learn more about what it is that EFA does and what your money will be spent on, and then please give whatever you can afford.  The recent debate in this country around Internet censorship demonstrates that we cannot take our civil liberties for granted and that EFA is in the best position to campaign on your behalf.

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