All this week Australian websites having been going black as part of the Great Australian Internet Blackout.  So far this online demonstration has successfully reached a wide range of audiences, educating them about the problems with the Government's mandatory Internet filter policy:

  • There are 480 verified participating websites (and that only counts the websites that have directly submitted their sites for inclusion on our list),  including the websites of the Australian Greens, the Australian Democrats, iiNet, New Matilda and Online Opinion.
  • More than 2300 Twitter users have blacked out their profile pictures using a countable method (Twibbon), while many more have blacked out their profile using their own artwork (which is much harder to count).  You can black out your Twitter profile picture here.  You can also set your Twitter background to 1000 supporters of the Blackout here.
  • More than 5200 Facebook users have joined the Great Australian Internet Blackout group (quite a number of whom have blacked out their profile pictures), up from around 2000 at the start of the week.  You can join that group here.
  • There have been over 260,000 unique visitors to the Great Australian Internet Blackout website.
  • The blackout information popup (which appears on sites that have joined the campaign using our script) has been seen more than 375,000 times.

It's not too late for you and your business or organisation to participate in this demonstration.  Just visit the Great Australian Internet Blackout website for more information.

We will post the final numbers early next week.

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  1. And I think the fear of politcal websites being block may come to pass. Some New Zealand users are finding that they are being blocked from Infowars, if they come off of one router in Sydney

    Comment by Zaphod on 8 February 2010 at 15:00