Valve's highly-anticipated sequel, Left 4 Dead 2, has just been refused classification in Australia.

For more information, see IGN and Kotaku.

I imagine that this will go to the Classification Review Board for appeal. This highlights the continued impact of a lack of an R18+ rating for computer games in Australia. If this decision stands, Australian adults will find it significantly more difficult to play the much anticipated zombie shooter sequel.

This follows from some reports from earlier this week that little progress has been made on releasing the discussion paper for the introduction of an R18+ rating in Australia.

Once the discussion paper arrives, we will be putting in a submission. Until then, you may want to help by (a) writing to your Attorney-General; or (b) helping us prepare the submission in advance. See our wiki for more details.


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  2. There's no way I'd have ever played this game, but seriously... This is amongst the obscenest of backward policies our government refuses to act on.

    Who bans a computer game, for goodness sake?

    Comment by Ash on 17 September 2009 at 22:27
  3. Ash — September 17 allot of computer games get knocked back because of no R rating they are then resubmitted with the material that would make them not be able to be classified as MA removed and then they get classified.

    Comment by Jared on 17 September 2009 at 23:45
  4. Did these people see the first one by any chance?????

    Comment by Mark on 18 September 2009 at 02:52
  5. I am finding it more and more disappointing whenever I hear news like this but this one is most disappointing by far as it affects a game that I was looking forward to. For far too long we have needed an R18 classification for games like we do for other forms of media. Why has there been so little progress with regards to the discussion paper on R18 games? If only the process with regards to classification were better and more consistent.

    Comment by Wayne on 18 September 2009 at 03:36
  6. Just wanted to drop a quick line in saying I find this website absolutely invaluable. Thank you for driving such important causes.



    Comment by killacelebrity on 18 September 2009 at 23:39
  7. As a South Australian it is completely frustrating and somewhat embarrassing that it is our Attorney General who refuses to allow an R18+ classification for video games. He simply does not believe adults have the right to decide for themselves what they approve or do not and refuses to consider other opinions.

    As for the classification board... How they can see limbless, intestine overflowing monsters intent on attacking human beings as "living humans" is beyond me. They seem to completely neglect that this is a story or survival and helping your team-mates and see it instead as a mass murder simulator. It is just a joke how inconsistent they seem to be.

    Hopefully a resubmission to a slightly more sane panel will see it passed without any changes.

    Comment by Tristan on 19 September 2009 at 00:56
  8. the first one is the same and they are zombies do u understand zombies omg i hate micheal actinson u will never get my vote if u ban left for dead 2 in aus if u do ill make an acception ur gud luck next few years when ur times over ill be laughing

    Comment by jake on 21 September 2009 at 22:11
  9. We should do a good old fashion rally, take to the streets and protest to show our support for R+18 rating games. Let the Attorney General know that there are numerious Australians out there that want a change. (PS, i suggest for the point to be made clear, all those below the ages of 18 stay at home :P) Fill the streets, block traffic..... no zombie costumes though, that's just dumb.

    Comment by Average Joe on 23 September 2009 at 20:20
  10. don't know if that wud work LOL! unless you had alot of ppl commit. maybe start up FB group an c how u go? >_<

    Comment by Brian Chan on 23 September 2009 at 20:28
  11. Hon Michael Attkinson MP strikes again. An Attorney General who refuses to review a matter of interest to the community (in this case all other AGs are prepared to discuss the R rating for games) purely on the basis of his own bias - would appear to be an inappropriate person for the job.
    Concerning adults being able to read/view what they want - adult members of various conservative religious groups already submit to the censorship decisions of their church hierarchies. Such individuals don't tend to see anything wrong in extending those prohibitions to the community at large wherever possible.

    Comment by Athos on 24 September 2009 at 02:57
  12. Not that i think this email will ever reach eyes of the man, i have sent this email.

    South Australian Attorney-General, Hon Michael Atkinson MP,

    Im sure that you spend a lot of your free time reading hate mail, so im going to spare you that. In the interests of being taken seriously, im going to pretend that we can be civil to each other.

    I have been considering how to deal with the problem at hand for some time, and since that problem is you, i have decided that perhaps the best answers might be sought be simply asking you some questions.

    I know that you think that what you are doing is right, and when someone truly believes that they are right, they are far less likely to listen to everyone else around them. Many people in history have felt they were right, justified, as you do now.
    One such person, was Adolf Hitler.

    As you may not know, Gamers now represent the majority of people, with the average age of a gamer being 29-30.

    Being a part of the government, you are technically answerable to the people. We vote for you, or we don't as the case will soon show.

    Your arrogance and refusal to see reason on regards to an R18+ rating for video games in australia is obscene. Hopefully you are a man though, and have decided to continue reading, despite now knowing this emails topic.

    Im not going to go over all reasons why an R18+ rating for games would be good for our country, or how backwards the system is now, or that you are making us look stupid in the eyes of other countrys.

    You have heard all this, and i can see that you don't care.

    So I really only have one question, which I suspect you won't answer.

    When are you up for Re-election?

    I won't be voting for you. I won't care who your running against. I will vote for them.
    They couldn't be any worse than you. You are what is wrong with this country.

    Dave Thomson

    Comment by Dave Thomson on 13 October 2009 at 19:57