– The Tangled Web filtering forum

Next week I will be speaking at a forum organised by New Matilda, “The Tangled Web: Beyond an Internet Filter”. The abstract reads: The Federal Government’s proposal to block internet sites with a mandatory filter has drawn overwhelming opposition from voices across politics and civil society. So what are the real questions for policy-makers? These […]

ACMA censors, Australians protest

Despite premature celebrations or wishful thinking that the Government are looking for an exit strategy, the Government is powering ahead with its plans to censor Australia’s Internet. On Sunday’s edition of Background Briefing on radio national – an excellent and in-depth look at the scheme, available here for download – the Minister could be heard […]

An Adult Classification for Games is Still Stonewalled

Mr Michael Atkinson, the South Australian attorney general, still misunderstands a key issue affecting Australians and it’s an issue that those he represents are demanding that he consider. Australian gaming website Kotaku has published a response to a letter that a member wrote to Mr Atkinson; unfortunately for law-abiding, adult Australian gamers the news is […]