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Last Friday, Dale Clapperton and Nicolas Suzor appeared on behalf of EFA to give evidence to the Commonwealth Senate Select Committee on the National Broadband Network. EFA had previously provided a written submission to the Senate, voicing concerns about the … Continue reading

Electronic Frontiers Australa (EFA) today expressed concern about a lawsuit filed against Internet Service Provider iiNet in the Federal Court. A consortium of media companies have sued the ISP for allegedly allowing its users to download infringing movies and TV shows by failing to … Continue reading

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Internet engineer Mark Newton has published a followup to his earlier letter and meeting with his MP, Government Frontbencher Kate Ellis. Many of our members and the public have written to their MPs about this issue and have been frustrated … Continue reading

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Filtering the blacklist As the Government's plans for Internet filtering move forward, the new details we learn do little to dampen concerns about the scheme. The technical issues remain as acute as ever, but to many of us the implications … Continue reading

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