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A recent article reports that the discussion paper on whether Australia should introduce an R18+ rating for video games is not likely to be released. Australia is the only¬†Western country without an R rating for computer and video games. If … Continue reading

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EFA's Chair, Dale Clapperton, was interviewed on Channel 7's Sunrise program on 29th October about the government's proposed mandatory filtering policy. A phone-in survey on the program revealed that 80% of respondents were opposed to the censorship plan.

by Dale Clapperton A question that has been asked a lot recently is this: can Labor implement their 'clean feed' proposal without legislative amendments? Much turns on the answer to this question.¬† To get any legislation through the Senate at … Continue reading

There has been a great deal of publicity in recent days about a letter written by Mark Newton, a network engineer with a leading Australian ISP, to a government Minister concerning the Australian government's proposed mandatory Internet censorship scheme. The … Continue reading

by Nic Suzor Today I attended a briefing session on ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement ) hosted by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). I felt it was a good meeting, and I really got the sense that … Continue reading