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Urgent copyright reform needed to counter FTA 18 August 2004
EFA today called for the immediate implementation of a number of long-standing recommendations for copyright reform so as to offset some of the worst aspects of the Australia - United States Free Trade Agreement.

Telecommunications interception law dispute shows law needs overhaul 31 March 2004
The Senate Legislation Committee has recommended deferral of proposed changes to telecommunications interception laws until after a disagreement between the Australian Federal Police and the Attorney-General's Department is resolved and the Parliament informed accordingly.

EFA supports new labels for film and game classifications 30 March 2004
A Government plan to simplify label names for film and computer game classifications has gained the support of Electronic Frontiers Australia ("EFA").

EFA dismayed by IP Clauses of Free Trade Agreement 12 February 2004
Electronic Frontiers Australia has expressed dismay about the intellectual property clauses of the recently announced Free Trade Agreement with the United States of America, saying they would leave average Australians at the mercy of legal action from multinational media companies, and represent a massive step backwards for Australian Intellectual Property law.

EFA condemns music industry "piracy" raids 28 October 2003
Electronic Frontiers Australia today condemned the heavy-handed legal action instituted by several major music labels against the operator of an Australian website and his Internet Service Provider.

Big Brother ISP Code Condemned 19 August 2003
A proposed Cybercrime Code of Practice for ISPs would result in massive invasion of Internet users' privacy, Electronic Frontiers Australia ("EFA") warned today.

Australia Institute's Parent Survey Results Misleading 5 March 2003
The accuracy of claims by The Australia Institute that "93% of parents back tough Net porn laws" has been questioned by Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA).

Censorship laws contribute to youth access to violent pornography 3 March 2003
Australian censorship laws contribute to the problem of youth access to pornographic material of the violent and extreme kind, Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) said today.

EFA outraged over possible ISP liability changes 30 January 2003
Electronic Frontiers Australia expressed outrage today over media reports suggesting that the United States of America may pressure the Australian government to remove recently-enacted legislative protection for Internet Service Providers.

Internet No Safer After Three Years of Censorship Laws 12 November 2002
The Federal Government's Internet censorship laws should be repealed and the costly and failed Internet regulatory apparatus dismantled according to Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA).

Freedom of Information Law to Become Tool of Censorship 19 July 2002
Freedom of information laws will become a tool of censorship if proposed amendments are passed by Parliament.
The Federal Government has tabled amendments to the Freedom of Information Act ("FOI Act") to exempt information about operation of the government's Internet censorship regime.

Senate rejects email snooping law - Victory for online privacy 28 June 2002
A Federal Government plan to allow government agencies to snoop on email, SMS and voice mail messages without an interception warrant was rejected by the Senate yesterday.

Veil of secrecy remains over internet censorship 13 June 2002
The Administrative Appeals Tribunal yesterday ruled that the Commonwealth Government's Internet censorship regime would be ineffective if it did not operate under a veil of secrecy, unlike offline censorship laws.

NSW Law would Criminalise Internet Material Unsuitable for Children
17th November 2001
EFA has warned that new Internet censorship laws under consideration by NSW Parliament would criminalise Internet material unsuitable for children. The legislation is expected to be voted on before the end of November 2001.

Internet Censorship Law Flawed 5th March 2001
The South Australian Government's proposal to censor the Internet is seriously flawed and an affront to natural justice, according to Internet civil liberties group Electronic Frontiers Australia.

EFA Condemns defamation threats 20th January 2001
EFA has condemned the actions of the Minister for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Affairs, Senator the Hon John Herron, for threatening legal action against the operators of a website critical of his stance on 'the Stolen Generation'.

Government Net Censorship Reports - Facts or Fallacies? 7th September 2000
Information released by the Australian Broadcasting Authority (ABA) under Freedom of Information laws does not match Government reports on the operation of the Internet censorship regime, according to a report released by EFA.

EFA urges ICANN vote 4th September 2000
EFA has urged Australian and other eligible ICANN-at-large voters to support Japanese candidate Yukika Matsumoto in the forthcoming election for the Asia-Pacific director on the ICANN Board.

Privacy Bill Flawed 13th April 2000
The much-vaunted promise of the Information Economy will never be realised unless the government gets more serious about privacy issues, according to Electronic Frontiers Australia. EFA was commenting on the introduction of the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Bill 2000 in Parliament yesterday.

EFA Announces Appointment of Executive Director 31st March 2000
EFA has announced the appointment of Peter Upton to the role of Executive Director. Peter will run the EFA national office from Canberra.

EFA moves website offshore 21st December 1999
EFA has moved its website to the United States in response to the Australian Internet censorship legislation which commences on 1st January 2000.

Net Censorship - Secret and Unaccountable 19th December 1999
The Federal Government has demonstrated its contempt for the intelligence and values of Australians, EFA said today, following the approval of a Code of Practice for Internet Service Providers.

EFA granted right of reply by Senate 22nd October 1999
The Senate Committee of Privileges has granted a right of reply to EFA following adverse comments about us by Senator Richard Alston, Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts. EFA's response was tabled in the Senate on Thursday October 21.

International statement warns against censorship 9th September 1999
In a statement issued today at the Internet Content Summit in Munich, Germany, EFA has joined Internet policy and human rights groups from around the world in warning that a proposed international rating system for the Internet could jeopardise the free flow of information on the global medium.

Australians reject Net censorship 29th August 1999
An international survey has shown that the Australian public does not support government censorship of the Internet, despite claims to the contrary by the Minister.

Internet Porn Filter Fails to Protect Children 30th July 1999
A popular Internet blocking product endorsed by Senator Richard Alston fails to prevent children accessing pornography, according to a recent report on filtering software that is being installed in thousands of Australian schools.

EFA calls for Minister's resignation 1st July 1999
Electronic Frontiers Australia has called for the resignation of the Minister for Communications, Information Technology and the Arts, Senator Richard Alston. The call followed the passage through the House of Representatives on 30th June of Alston's controversial Internet censorship legislation.

Net Censorship makes Australia the Global Village Idiot 26th May 1999
EFA has stepped up its campaign against Internet censorship, following the passing of the Online Services Bill by the Senate. Protest events were announced in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth on Friday May 28th, and in Adelaide on Sunday May 30th.

Australia to lose E-commerce advantage to Canada 19th May 1999
Electronic Frontiers Australia today urged the government to rethink controversial Internet censorship legislation before the lucky country becomes the outsmarted country.

National Protest against Censorship on May 28 18th May 1999
Electronic Frontiers Australia has announced several protest events to take place on Friday May 28. EFA has been urging local groups around the nation to co-ordinate protests against government censorship.

EFA welcomes community, industry, political opposition to Net censorship Bill 28th April 1999
Electronic Frontiers Australia welcomed extensive community, industry, and political support for its campaign against Internet censorship legislation.

The Internet is not Television 25th April 1999
Electronic Frontiers Australia has criticised the government's Online Services censorship legislation for treating the Internet as television.

Government Paternalism on Internet 22nd April 1999
The Australian Government is treating Australian adults like children in a blatant attempt to appease Senator Brian Harradine, said Internet censorship watchdog Electronic Frontiers Australia.

Alston - Naive or Stupid? 20th April 1999
"The minister's attempt to smear serious critics as supporters of crime demonstrates his inability or unwillingness to respond to concrete criticism -- and makes a mockery of his claim to be seeking informed debate."

Problems with Net Censorhsip in NSW Schools 28th March 1999
Electronic Frontiers Australia today warned of problems with the Internet filtering system used by NSW state schools.

EFA Announces Appointment of Executive Director 23rd March 1999
EFA today announced the appointment of its first Executive Director, Mr Jon (Darce) Cassidy of Adelaide. Mr. Cassidy joined EFA in 1997 and has taken up his appointment this week.

Draconian net censorship proposals attacked 19th March 1999
EFA today attacked the latest Australian government plans to censor the Internet as ignorant and draconian.

Australian censorship out of step with the world 15th March 1999
EFA today called for an end to political interference in Australia's already harsh film censorship system.

EFA attacks Internet Code of Practice 8th March 1999
EFA today released a detailed critique of the Internet Industry Association (IIA) Code of Practice, urging a total redraft of the provisions relating to censorship and user privacy. Domain Name arbitrarily removed 26th February 1999
Electronic Frontiers Australia today condemned Internet Names Australia (INA), administrator of the domain, for arbitrarily deregistering domain names that comply with INA's published policy.

EFA Criticises Electronic Transactions Bill - "Too little, too slow" 7th February 1999
Electronic Frontiers Australia Chair Kimberley Heitman today criticised the Federal Government's proposed Electronic Transactions Bill 1999 as being inadequate for the needs of e-commerce.

New Encryption Controls Condemned 14th December 1998
Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) today condemned the recently announced revision of an international protocol which placed new restrictions on the availability of privacy-enhancing tools for electronic communication.

Censoring Hate Speech on the Internet is Counter-productive 10th November 1998
Electronic Frontiers Australia today issued an open letter to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, arguing against the application of the Racial Discrimination Act to web sites.

Internet Election Policies Assessed 1st October 1998
Electronic Frontiers Australia today released its appraisal of the parties on censorship, privacy, and cryptography issues.

Cryptography is not a weapon 15th September 1998
Electronic Frontiers Australia and other members of the Global Internet Liberty Campaign (GILC) today issued an open statement calling for the removal of cryptography controls from the Wassenaar Arrangement.

Party Internet Policies Queried 14th September 1998
Australia's leading online civil liberties organisation, Electronic Frontiers Australia, has asked all major Australian political parties for a statement of their position on critical Internet issues. The questions cover censorship, privacy, and cryptography.

EFA Applauds Exposure of Crypto Weakness 19th July 1998
Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) today applauded the efforts of US civil liberties group, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), in developing a machine which exposed the dishonesty of government claims about the security of "approved" cryptography systems.

Call to Abolish Australian Crypto Controls 30th June, 1998
Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) today called for the abolition of all controls on cryptography in Australia. EFA spokesperson Greg Taylor said, "The current export controls are a failure because strong cryptography software is already widely available throughout the world.

EFA Responds to IIA Code of Practice Mar 23, 1998
Electronic Frontiers Australia today released its response to the Internet Industry Association draft code of practice.

Dutch Net Activist joins EFA Board Jan 25, 1998
Well-known Internet activist Felipe Rodriguez has been co-opted onto the board of Electronic Frontiers Australia (EFA) after recently migrating to Australia. Mr. Rodriguez was previously the manager of the premier Dutch ISP xs4all and chair of the Dutch provider association NLIP.

Poll shows Australians don't want Internet censorship Jan 1, 1998
Results of the latest www.consult survey show that fewer than 8% of Internet users support censorship of the Internet.

Australia goes it alone on Internet Censorship Dec 14, 1997
A response to a statement by the Commonwealth Attorney-General following the SCAG meeting held on 12th December 1997 that Australia was set to introduce drastic new Internet censorship laws.

Wood Internet Proposals Slammed Aug 31, 1997
EFA warns that the recommendations of the Wood Royal Commission regarding the Internet would, if implemented, deny Australians' basic rights to privacy.

EFA Response to Net Regulation Proposals Aug 14, 1997
Announcing release of EFA's response to the framework for Internet regulation proposed by the Department of Commmunications and the Arts.

No Concern over Internet Content Jul 29, 1997
A survey has revealed that only a tiny fraction of Australian Internet users are concerned about indecent content online.

Petition against Censorship of Australian Internet Jul 26, 1997
Announcing the launch of EFA's online petition against censorship of the Internet.

EFA Launches new Anti-Censorship Campaign Jul 21, 1997
Announcing the launch of a campaign against Internet censorship laws, in the light of proposals released by the Federal government.

Govt Internet Proposals - Threat to Free Speech, Burden on ISPs Jul 20, 1997
EFA warns that Australian proposals for Internet regulation would threaten free speech and place an impossible burden on Internet service providers.

OECD Cryptography Group urged to read Walsh Report Jul 06, 1997
EFA urges delegates to OECD crypto meetings in Australia to read the recently obtained Walsh Report.

Government Suppresses Key Policy Review Mar 13, 1997
EFA questions reasons for government suppression of the Walsh Report, an important review of cryptography policy.

EFA Condemns Internet Rating System Feb 9, 1997
EFA condemns the RSACi Internet labelling system, on the grounds that it is parochial, inflexible, and archaic.

EFA Welcomes Internet Regulation Report July 7, 1996
EFA's initial response to the release of the ABA report.

U.S. Internet Censorship Bill Declared Unconstitutional June 13, 1996
The United States Federal Court struck down the controversial Communications Decency Act (CDA) as unconstitutional. Australian users remain under threat of censorship legislation proposed by the NSW state government.

STOP! Inappropriate Internet Censorship June 9, 1996
Announcement of EFA's launch of a new campaign to stop Internet censorship proposals at State and Federal level.

Internet Censorship Legislation Leaked May 26, 1996
A copy of the NSW Attorney-General's draft Internet censorship legislation was leaked to EFA.

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