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7th October 1999

Mr. John Lamont
Freedom of Information Coordinator
Department of Equity and Fair Trading
PO Box 106
Brisbane Albert Street 4000

Dear Mr Lamont,
Freedom of Information Applications - Your Refs: 99/074 and 99/080

Further to our telephone conversation today relating to these applications, I confirm that since we are unsure where the relevant documents may be located, we wish both applications to cover the Minister's office as well as DEFT.

Since you have advised that we are obliged to pay an application fee in respect of each agency I enclose a cheque for $60. This is in addition to the two cheques for $30 already forwarded.

I would appreciate receiving a letter confirming your understanding of our intent in respect of each of the distinct applications, in order to clarify the misunderstanding in your reply of 28th September.

A receipt for monies paid would also be appreciated.

If there are any queries about this application, I can be contacted during business hours on ...

Yours faithfully,

Greg Taylor
Electronic Frontiers Australia