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27 February 2002

Freedom of Information Officer
Office of Film and Literature Classification
Locked Bag 3

Dear Sir/Madam

Subject: Freedom of Information Application

We hereby request, under the Freedom of Information Act, copies of the following documents:

1) Copies of applications received by the OFLC for classification of Internet content that was subsequently classified PG, M or MA by the OFLC/Classification Board during the year ended 30 June 2001 either:
   a) under the C'th Classification (Publications, Films and
   Computer Games) Act 1995 ("Classification Act"), or
   b) under the Broadcasting Services Amendment (Online Services)
   Act 1999 ("BSA")
excluding the name and contact details of any applicant/s other than the Australian Broadcasting Authority or its staff.

(For purposes of clarity, we advise the above refers to the seventeen items classified PG, M and MA as reported in the Table titled "Internet Content, Finalised - by Classification" in the OFLC Annual Report 2000-2001).

2) Copies of the Classification Board Reports recording the Board's classification decision for each of the seventeen items referred to in (1) above, or, if Classification Board Reports were not produced in any instance, copies of documents recording the Board's classification decisions in the way decided by the Director under Section 57(5) of the Classification Act / Section 21 of the BSA.

3) Copies of the individual reports/opinions of each member of the Classification Board who classified each of the seventeen items referred to in (1) above, recording their individual votes on the classification of those items in accord with Section 57(5) of the Classification Act / Section 21 of the BSA.

4) Copies of document/s detailing the protocols agreed between the OFLC and the ABA concerning online provision (e.g. in the OFLC online classification database) of OFLC classification decisions made under the Online Services Act/BSA, as referred to in the OFLC Director's letter to EFA of 27 September 2000.

5) Copies of documents (including copies of pages from OFLC procedure manuals or the like, memos to staff and/or Board members, etc) detailing the criteria or guidelines used by the OFLC to determine the appropriate fee for classification of Internet content that consists of a web site or a single web page or Usenet newsgroup posting, that is, detailing the criteria used to determine whether the applicable fee is that for:

- a film for sale or hire, or
- a film for public exhibition, or
- an interactive or click-on access film for public exhibition or
   for sale or hire, or
- a computer game, or
- any other type of film, material or content.

6) Copies of any memo, post-it note message or accompanying "with compliments" note, email or voicemail message relating to items (1) to (5) above.

The relevant application fee of $30 is enclosed. If there are any queries regarding this application, please contact EFA's Executive Director on the phone or fax number at the top of this letter, or via email to ... To avoid possible delays in receipt of any postal correspondence in relation to this matter, we request that you send any postal mail direct to ..., rather than to EFA's general postal address at the top of this letter.

Yours faithfully

Irene Graham
Executive Director
Electronic Frontiers Australia Inc.

Encl. - cheque

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