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Campaign against Unnecessary Content Regulation Legislation


Last update: 2nd November 1997

On 20th July 1997, EFA announced the commencement of a campaign against proposals by the Department of Communications and the Arts to legislate to impose burdensome content regulation on the Internet Services industry in Australia. EFA's position is that content regulation of the Internet is unnecessary.

For details of what the government proposes, see Principles for a Regulatory Framework for On-line Services in the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 which were released on 15th July. On 10th August, EFA released a response to the proposals. A total of 59 submissions was received and these have now been made available online. Latest information is that the framework is being reviewed but draft exposure legislation is not expected now until early 1998.

See also EFA's Media Release of 20th July on the proposals.

The major problems EFA sees with the proposed principles are:

The Campaign

Key aspects of the campaign include:

What You Can Do

Sign the petition now.
Join the EFA Action List - send email to [email protected] with the word "subscribe" in the body of the message.
Join the IRC sessions.
Write to your local member about the proposal.
Watch this page regularly for updated information.

See also the 1996 STOP! Campaign


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